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Acceptance Policy

Dead Key Publishing is distinctive in that we will not accept just anyone. Rejection letters are painful to get, but in being willing to reject manuscripts (not authors) that don't meet our standards, we are strengthening the authors (not simply manuscripts) we do accept.

Here at Dead Key Publishing, we have in-house editors who have more than 30 years' experience in editing, including editing for magazines and large publishing houses. From substantive edits—which covers storyline, plot holes, character development and the like—to copy editing—making sure the grammar and spelling are correct—to proofreading, our editors will ensure that your manuscript is the best it can be.

How does it work?

If we think your submission is good enough to become a Dead Key Publishing ebook, we will offer you a publishing contract. Once you have agreed to the terms and returned the signed contract to us, then we will provide editing at no charge to you. This is generally no more than copy editing, although if we think substantive edits are needed, we will make suggestions and either ask you to make them or make them for you (with you having final approval, of course). Again, this is no charge. We will also provide a book cover and marketing for your ebook, again at our expense.

If we think your manuscript has promise but isn't quite there yet, we will tell you exactly what we think will make your manuscript stronger. If you would like us to do the editing, we will do that for our standard rate of $1 per page. You are under no obligation, however, to go with us as your editors. If you believe you, your former English teacher or even your mother can do the edits, you are welcome to give the manuscript to them and then resubmit it to Dead Key Publishing at a later time. We do strongly encourage you to find a professional editor, show them our notes and then resubmit. (Note: there are many so-called publishers out there who make the majority of their money off editing manuscripts that either don't need it or will never see a dime off their published work. Stay away from these types of "publishers." Let's be clear: Dead Key Publishing makes its money from the sale of books.)

There is no charge for either submitting or resubmitting. Again, our goal is for your manuscript to be as good as it can be.

If we think your submission is not right for us, you will receive a rejection letter. This will not be a form letter. We will tell you why we are rejecting you. We will probably suggest that you either rewrite and resubmit or, if you are against any editing, that you submit your manuscript to someone else.