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Dead Key Publishing Annual Anthology 2

From the beginning of time, people have loved stories. And novelists have loved trying their hand at writing them. Short stories are their own art form, and have their own beauty and even their own challenges.

Dead Key Publishing is proud to announce the release of its second annual anthology of short stories by the writers in its catalog. Inside the anthology, meet the last baby born legally in America and the illegals born in defiance of Reproduction Law; fall in love (again) in the car of a Ferris wheel; explore marriage, family life and body image; watch a paid assassin at work; walk the line between guilt and mental illness; discover what it means to be human—and robotic; find a bookkeeper's re-discovered life, a family who takes parenting a little too far, and a man longing to be re-discovered by his amnesia-affected wife.

What you will also find are stories you won't want to leave, and we hope that will lead you to read more of our Dead Keyers' works.

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