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Becky Bolinger

Ghost Town
Point Bluff is the perfect place for hiking, rock climbing and cave exploring. But hidden inside one of the Montana caves is a deadly virus of unknown origins. When this virus attacks, it wipes out nearly all of Point Bluff's 10,000 townspeople, leaving almost no trace and no clues as to their disappearance.

The survivors find each other and try to flee, but they soon discover they are trapped. No one is safe, and no one immune, when even they start dying mysteriously.

Becky Bolinger has her Ph.D. degree in climatology and works on drought research for the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. While loving weather of all kinds, and being fascinated with natural disasters, she has always had a love of horror novels. She grew up on the writings of Christopher Pike, Dean Koontz and Stephen King and wanted to follow in their footsteps by writing her own young adult horror novel. Ghost Town is her first published novel.

Becky lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan, with her husband and fellow horror fan, Justin, and their daughter, Madelyn.

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