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Chandre Toye

Truth is, I am just me. I happen to love life as much as I love reading and dabbling in writing. I believe writing should be done from the heart. It is so much better to read a story that you can feel the emotions than reading a story that has none.

Evil Domain
Terror does not always dwell in the darkness of night. Sometimes the most terrifying things can lurk with in the brightness of the sun but no heat from its rays can reach its icy core to warm it. Deep in a small town a vagabond, weary and cold hunkers down in a old abandoned house. The little girl warned him there was something not right about it, something Evil but to a wandering artist like Travis it was nonsense...or was it?

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Blood Moon 2
A collection of the twisted and bizarre. From a murderous game designer to a deadly poet, here are a dozen dark stories to feed your horrific side.

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