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The Books of Cody Toye


Something more awful than death lurks in the aftermath of the fall of mankind...Evolution. Plants struggled for many years to survive in a man-made concrete prison, but now, they have evolved into horrid creatures feeding on the most abundant of food sources, and the human race hides in fear. Can a mousy teen, an autistic man, and a brave subway dweller truly be the world's last hope?

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Blood Moon Chronicles

A collection of the bizarre and the horrific. From a delightfully murderous little girl to the downfall of corporate America, these nine short stories will plague your thoughts. Come take a journey through the dark minds of authors Cody and H.R. Toye

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Till Death

Not all poems elicit positive emotional responses. Sometimes poetry is where we trap the monster of hate, hurt, and betrayal.

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Cowbob and the Teeter-Totter Gang

When his Pa accepts a job in New York City, Robert is ripped from the only world he has ever known. With his farmhouse vanishing in the distance of the rear-view mirror, he is forced to cope with life’s problems in the usual way. He closes his eyes and opens his mind, escaping to a world where he has control. No longer Robert from Arkansas, he takes on the infamous Teeter-Totter Gang as Cowbob. The more Robert struggles to adjust to the new life he was thrust into, the more problems seem to be thrown his way. When bullies try to take him down, he looks to Cowbob to show him the way.

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The Tale of Dribbles

Loyalty, Compassion, Understanding, and Squirrels. The list of things that are not welcome at Q.J. Enterprises. One of the largest firms in the area, the corporate giant is known to the masses for innovative products at low prices. Through the shimmering gold doors and past the smiling receptionists, sit cubicles filled with unhappy mistreated worker bees. This is the tale of one such worker bee, one among a sea of nameless, faceless workers the company simply assigns a number to and chooses to forget. What happens when the little guy has had enough? After twenty-five years of loyal service, Bob is let go. Big mistake!

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Toyebox Collection, Bedtime Stories

From a time-traveling gold fish to a magical roach genie, these nine bedtime stories will keep you wondering...how is that even possible? From the author who brought you Cowbob and Zorza, comes a unique collection of children's stories designed specifically for quick reads during bedtime.

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Blood Moon Chronicles 2

A collection of the twisted and bizarre. From a murderous game designer to a deadly poet, here are a dozen dark stories to feed your horrific side. With Chandre Bronkhorst Toye

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When the planet of Cargatia is blown to small bits of lime green rubble, it is up to Zorza to lead a rebellion against the Nephlon Race. With Brutus the Warlord hot on his tail, the band of rebels have a decision to make...fight or flee.

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The love of a child's laughter inspired me to write children's books. With every passing day more and more wonderful visions of worlds yet to be created fill my head. After some time I decided to try my hand at adult fiction and short story writing. Though it is unique in its own way, short stories and horror could not fill the void and my word-crafting obsession is still children's books.

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