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Dead Key Publishing FAQs

Can I publish all my books with Dead Key Publishing?

Yes! We hope you will. We work closely with all our authors and love it when a reader discovers a new favorite author. We want you to be that author.

Do I have to publish all my books with Dead Key Publishing?

Yes! And we will also require your signature in blood and your first-born child. Okay, seriously, no. We of course hope you will, and we also think that we are the best game in town. Each book is handled individually, with its own contract. You are free to publish as many books with us as you would like.

Does Dead Key Publishing charge a reading fee?

No. You will never be charged for submitting or resubmitting a manuscript. We strongly suggest that if you are thinking of letting someone publish you, and they charge a fee, find someone else. We believe that it represents a conflict of interest for a publisher to charge for editing or reading. If we don't think we can publish you, we will tell you that. If we think your manuscript needs more editing before you can resubmit it to us, you are free to choose any editor you would like. If you choose us to edit it, great. We will charge you a fair price. However, we will NEVER stipulate that you must edit with us.