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Books by Michael Dawson

True Oneness

In True Oneness, author Michael Dawson challenges us to build bridges of compassion that will bring us closer together in trying times instead of pulling us apart. Using the included discussion guide, participants share their own experiences while learning from the experiences of others, and discover that we truly are one in the eyes of God. Practical techniques are offered that will help readers apply the principles of True Oneness to every area of their lives.

“We all ponder events in places like Ferguson, Dallas, and St. Paul that have shocked theworld, and wonder how the church can help. We find it difficult to empathize outside of thecontext of our own ethnic or cultural groups, even within the church, and we are becomingless and less inclined to try. I believe nothing will change until we get close enough to each other to really hear each other. We must remember that WE ARE THE CHURCH, and we are stronger together than apart.”

Michael Dawson is a licensed professional counselor and ordained minister in Colorado. Hehas practiced relationship counseling and pastoral care for over 20 years.

Michael Dawson Counseling